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Inspiring, guiding and proactively transforming the world with technology

Honesty and integrity, personal development and engineering work ethics guide us in a way that we shape our organization and the way we work and impact our clients, business partners and the IT community.

This is our mission

  • Team - embracing individuality to build a collective tech mindset

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  • Tech Community - inspiring and guiding with true engineering

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  • Customers - proactively transforming your business with technology

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This is our vision

  • People

    We are a people-focused company: we listen, learn from each other and act. Everyone has different needs, ways of working and communication. Together we create a friendly environment that enhances our potential. As a result, everyone can feel free to start a riversweeps online casino 777 initiative. Widening technical horizons is the fabric of our organization. Not only do we practise and learn constantly, but we also teach, create and contribute. We put ourselves into the community: empowering individuals who want to lead by example and encouraging technical diversity. Things we do are seen and appreciated.

  • Engineering

    Knowledge is the bedrock of our culture: it is exchanged freely between projects and all team members. We build our technical excellence by learning from others and sharing our accomplishments and failures. We are sincere and technically honest in our blogs. Our code, including open-source, is well-engineered and solves real business problems. We live by engineering ethics - combine a deep understanding of technology with a deep understanding of the problem to be solved. We strive to set an example in software engineering excellence, transparency and empowerment in our company’s organization. We hit the spot with quality, the right tools for the job and engineering without unnecessary over-architecture. Our growth is not limited to technology.

  • Customers

    We are recognized in the community. We anticipate common challenges and provide solutions in the form of open-source, technical content and architectural patterns. People appreciate and use them even before requesting our service. We are a leading consultancy chosen for digital transformation. Integrity, versatility, understanding of the business, right soft skills, strong work ethic, rich experience and top notch mastery of technology makes us the perfect choice. When working with clients, we excel in creating a mutual business relationship. We go beyond just executing tasks. Understanding the big picture allows us to give honest feedback, and assist the client in improving business processes.

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    Remote-only company from day one

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  • Open Source mainterner

    Open Source mainterner

  • 5 scientific publications

    5 scientific publications

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  • Clients from 5 continents

    Clients from 5 continents

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  • Built on democratic values

    Built on democratic values

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